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With Thousands Of Satisfied Drummers...Our customers say it best! Our goal at Gammon is simple: To provide the best quality and the best prices so everyone can enjoy the drumming experience. Here are just a few things Gammon drum owners have to say.... 


Gammon Drum Set Reviews 

I was amazed to find a name brand drum set at such a great price and even more amazed when the set got here. It was better than I could have ever expected! I want to thank you for making my dreams come true. I have wanted to play drums for years and now 

I am on my way and I have never had so much fun!

- Bill K Memphis, TN


I just got my Battle Series Gammon Percussion drum set. I didn't think it was possible for a complete set to be this affordable! But just like the ad says, the set was complet ewith everything I needed to start playing.

I looked at similar sets in stores that cost hundreds more. So glad I found this. I have a friend giving me lessons, he has been playing for years and thought this set was a great deal.

Now I am up and drumming and the set sounds awesome. Look out, I just might become a rock star.

Todd R. in Ft. Meyers, FL


I did a lot of research online and in stores before buying this Gammon drum kit. I had read lots of good reviews of the Gammon, which is what finally helped me decide to buy it. The set arrived from the seller in just 2 dyas (fast) and arrived in perfect condition. My son put it together in no time and now my biggest problem is finding my ear plugs when he and his friends are "jamming".

Seriously, we love this set. My husband even has a blast getting behind it and banging away. It can be scary buying something online, but this was easily one of my best purchases.

Now we are looking for a Gammon for my daughter - she wants the pink junior drum set. Thank you for offering such a great deal on a drum set!

Marianne S. in Deer Creek, CO


Bang for the buck there really can be nothing better than the Gammon Battle drum set. I really thought there way no way a full set could be sold and delivered for that price, but they did it. And I got the set 2 days after ordering it. Took me about 40 minutes to assemble and there was a really helpful drum set assembly video included with my set too.

I have played guitar for years and always wanted a set in my house for jam sessions and for me to knock around on. This has been the best purchase I have made in a long time.

Thank you Gammon and keep it up!

Justin in Mountain Lake, OR


My brother and I bought the Gammon Performance drum set with our Christmas money last year. We did a lot of research and read a lot of reviews on places like Amazon and before buying this model.

The set came with really sturdy double braced hardware, which was impressive. The glossy metallic finish is eye popping. The chrome snare has a real snap to it and the bass drum has almost too much boom in it - we used a pillow to mellow it out a bit.

I know we could have spend a lot more money to buy a more expensive set. But why would we? This set had everything for less than half the price of anything else out there.

Ellen in Galena, IL


Have been teaching drums and percussion for over 20 years and Gammon has become my "go to" company for affordable drums and percussion instruments.

When my student come to me, I always want to find out what they are playing on. Over the years, Gammon has consistently met or exceeded expectations and value. I teach full drum set technique, but also bells, double bass, concert, etc.

I can highly recommend the Gammon line to any aspiring drummer who wants a great price for a quality instrument.

Jason in Madison, WI


We bought the junior drum set because of the price and reviews on Amazon.  You kind of always hold your breath when you buy online, especially something like this. 

The drum set met and beat all of our expectations by a long shot. It was truly the best present we ever gave to the kids and gotten as much use or more than the video games.  It is great to see them active and having fun with it. Can't wait to get the full size one when they are a little older. Just one hint - buy EAR PLUGS! 

Ken K
Jackson MI


I started out on the full size Gammon drum kit and have since added their roto toms and double bass drum pedal to my set.

The set sounds great. I did end up upgrading the cymbals after about a year, but that is to be expected. You can spend more money on a set of cymbals than a whole drum set if you want to!

For anyone looking at way to get started on drums that is easy on your wallet -- check out the Gammons.

Chuck in Savannah, GA


Just received the Student Snare and Bell Kit we ordered from Gammon for our son's band class. His school wanted to rent us a snare drum for about 1/2 what this Gammon cost to buy straight out! Why rent when it is cheaper to buy?

The teacher approved of the Gammon and actually had some of the other kids order them too. The set is total quality in and out and was packed great. Played perfectly right out of the box.

Now I am just afraid he is going to want a full size drum set next!!

Kim in Little Rock, AR


I am still trying to figure out how you guys made these pedals for this price. I have compared them to ones that cost twice as much and they totally stand up. They look cool and play even better. I really beat on these things too!

Keep up the great work Gammon!

Chris in Franklin, TN


I love these pedals! Twice as nice and half the price of other pedals out there. They are really sturdy and I have been playing them for months now without a problem. I really expected to pay much more for a set of working quality pedals. Did I mention yet that I LOVE these pedals?

Roxy A. in Richmond, VA


The junior drum set is exactly like a full size drum set and I could not believe the attention to detail. I wanted something for son to bang around on so he would stop beating up my kit. I have been playing in the garage since I was a teenager. The drums we got him are holding up great and he plays them pretty much every day. Happy to see him play but I think we created a drum-monster. 

Karl B, 
Elgin, IL


 Have your own Gammon story? We'd love to hear it!  

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